Pride ally
City wide cocktail

Caledonia Wright, TMR Bartender

Caledonia Wright, TMR Bartender

A Suitcase of Random Spirits

A Suitcase of Random Spirits


PRIDE is right around the corner
with festivities running July 29th to August 4th.

The theme of this year’s pride is Still Fighting 50 - an acknowledgement and celebration of the on-going, hard fought for legal and social advancements by a community that to this day has to fight for their space in our city and our world.

In a world where you have to fight to be seen, to be heard, and to be treated justly, everyone needs and deserves an Ally. 

This year for Pride we would like to pitch a city wide PRIDE cocktail whereby a percentage of the proceeds go to support the QMUNITY - an NPO that works to improve queer, trans, and Two-Spirit lives across all ages.  QMUNITY has been a leader for over 40 years in Vancouver + is known across Canada, providing safe spaces, resources, networks, and support. They have a range of amazing programs including providing new/used gender affirming chest-wear, hosting Queer Prom for Youth and Spring Fling for Adults, and a Seasonal Youth Cabaret. They are a leader in the community and rely heavily on donations, grants, and fundraising. They are a great fit!

QMUNITY logo.png

The idea is simple

  • We all make our own social media friendly, delicious cocktail 
    (it can be a new cocktail or one you already have on your menu)

  • We all name the cocktail PRIDE ALLY #StillFighting50

  • We promote it on social media and to our guests for the week

  • We send 15% of our proceeds directly to QMUNITY
    (I will provide direct information to keep this simple)

What it requires from you:

  • A cocktail worthy of instagram (and tasty of course) and a corresponding photo to share (to be clear, the cocktail is needed by July 29th).

  • A price - set a price that makes the most sense for your establishment and clientele knowing that 15% gets donated to QMUNITY. The goal is that if we all do it, the amount adds up nicely!

  • A commitment to post it on Social Media (IG, FB) and tag @QMUNITY, @vancouverpride #vanpride, #prideally #stillfighting50

  • A donation sent directly to the provided contact at QMUNITY for which you will receive a Tax Receipt. 

If you are working with a PR team or have media contacts you would like to engage please feel free to share this with the intent of keeping the focus on PRIDE and QMUNITY and our shared Allyship. If you have contacts you would like approached but are pressed for time, I’m happy to do the leg work or provide you with copy. Just let me know.

The overall goal is to identify ourselves as being united in Vancouver around #vanpride as allies and to be part of the ‘fight’ in a way that best suits our respective businesses while helping to raise funds for, and the profile of, an important organization. 

*NB: Many of you are likely already doing something - to that I say GREAT.
Let’s find a way to join forces.
Doing something is the Goal, but doing it all together is the Magic.
If you already have something planned, still get in touch with me and let’s see if there’s a way to piggyback them on each other without compromising the quality of either.
I don’t see conflict, I see opportunity. And when it’s for a cause greater than us,
the greater good prevails. Get at me and let’s find a way!

Email me directly at to get on board. 
Please include:  

Name of Bar/Restaurant:
Name of Bartender:
Contact email and phone number: 
Social Media Handles: 

We can deal with a picture of the cocktail and all those details later~

Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting our army~


Caledonia Wright 
The Mackenzie Room

Antonio Cayonne
General Manager
The Mackenzie Room