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happy pride Vancouver!


The theme of this year’s pride is Still Fighting 50,
an acknowledgement and celebration of the on-going, and hard fought for
legal and social advancements by a community that to this day has to fight
for acceptance.

In a world where you have to fight to be seen,
to be heard, and to be treated justly,
everyone needs and deserves an Ally. 

The Mackenzie Room has endeavoured to partner with safe spaces all over the city
by rallying fellow restaurants and bars to create a special cocktail for Pride.
One that says we are a part of your community.
One that says you don’t have to fight here.
One that says welcome.

We are excited to create this community with our 8 partners,
and to donate proceeds from this city-wide event to Qmunity.


QMUNITY is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver, BC that works to improve queer, trans, and Two-Spirit lives. We provide a safer space for LGBTQ/2S people and their allies to fully self-express while feeling welcome and included. Our building serves as a catalyst for community initiatives and collective strength.


The Mackenzie Room, located at 415 Powell St, celebrates the abundant Pacific Northwest with an evolving chalkboard menu, served family-style, that changes through the seasons.

The Mackenzie Room

~ A short interview with Caledonia Wright ~

What is your PRIDE ALLY #STILLFIGHTING50 Cocktail?

The Mackenzie Room's cocktail, AKA Love is Love, is an aromatic apératif with heart!

1oz Stealth vodka, St. Germaine, Key Lime balsamic, Bittered Sling Zingiber Crabapple, Bella sparkling rosé, and one Homemade Heart-Shaped Blackcurrant Glitter Bomb!

Why do you make cocktails?

Working with a palate of flavours and textures is how I express myself. I love the instant gratification I get when I see a guest’s reaction after taking their first sip. Creating something custom for someone in the moment is super satisfying to me and being able to pick up on small things like the mood of the environment, what they’re celebrating, or who they’re with are all underlying factors when it comes to making bespoke cocktails.

Have you been to Pride &
what is your favourite part ?

I attend Pride every year as an ally. It’s the most colourful event inside and out, and jam-packed with joy. My favourite part of it all is the feeling of being safe and liberated. It’s such a great marriage of inclusion and uniqueness, which in turn, inspires me.

Caledonia Wright, Bartender


Royal Dinette is a farm to table restaurant in the heart of the city at 905 Dunsmuir Street.

We offer a seasonal menu focusing on local farmers and providers. Much like our food, our cocktail program also focuses on seasonality and sustainability. Royal Dinette prides itself on being a part of the "community". Whether thats with food, spirits or Vancouver itself.

Royal Dinette

~ A short interview with Kaitlyn Stewart ~

What is your PRIDE ALLY #STILLFIGHTING50 Cocktail?

Royal Dinette’s cocktail, AKA All T. features Tanqueray Gin, Violette, Sweet Tea, Lemon & Orange Bitters.

Have you been to Pride? Do you have a memorable Pride story/experience you can share?

For years I always stood on the side lines watching everyone beam with love and courage as they marched in the parade. But last year, I got the opportunity to do the same. I marched in the parade for the first time with my partner and best friend. It was such an overwhelming feeling, seeing all the people standing and waving back at you. You could feel the love and acceptance in the air. It was amazing. 

Can you tell me about a time that you were an ally to someone else?

I'm a very open person when it comes to my "lifestyle". I'm openly gay and proud of that. I was given a voice and platform after winning World Class in 2017, and I made damn sure to never sensor myself. I've had people reach out and thank me for being some sort of "role model" to them because I was a strong, independent, gay, female bartender. And I definitely don't take that lightly. I will continue to push boundaries and open doors for the rest of the badass gay bartenders of the world!  

What would you say to someone who is unsure of how to be an ally to someone else?

You get back the love you give out. Be open, supportive and receptive. Don't be too quick to judge. Because you never know whats going on in someones life.

Kaitlyn Stewart, Bar Manager

photo: cnn travel & scout magazine

QMUNITY GARDEN, @nomad_vancouver

Nomad, located at 3950 Main St, is a local and sustainable, Farm-To-Table focused restaurant. The Chefs highlight a West Coast style of cuisine with inspirations from all around the world.

We take pride in working with local farmers, wineries, brewers & distillers to support our their growth in the community.
- Matthew Benevoli, Bar Manager


~ A short interview with Shawn Jones ~

What is your PRIDE ALLY #STILLFIGHTING50 Cocktail?

MB: Nomad’s cocktail, AKA QMUNITY GARDN, is a light, vibrant, silky & playful cocktail, floral & fruit notes to give an experience of being in a flower filled Community Garden with each sip. It features Victoria Spirits Empress Gin, Martini Bianco Vermouth, Lavender, Vanilla, Lemon, Egg White, Orange Bitters & Topped up with Sparkling Wine.

When did you discover the power of your voice and/or your position in life?

SJ: I have always been opinionated when it comes to what I believe in and I staunchly protect those I love, particularly those who are not always in a place to protect themselves. This has gotten stronger with age and continues to grow. We live in a time and age where accountability is needed and we need to educate one another in a kind and informative way. It is no longer ok to sit on the sidelines and say nothing. This only furthers the misinformation and hate.

What would you say to someone who is unsure of how to be an ally to someone else?

SJ: For myself as cis gendered woman it is all about support and respect. To remember I am privileged and to acknowledge that, and use it if I can to protect and support.

I also try and bring awareness to others of privilege and remind them (and myself) that it is not our conversation to lead, so as to make sure not to speak over someone else’s experience.

Matthew Benevoli, Bar Manager

The Brunswick, @havanavancouver

Alexa Greenman


~ A short interview with Alexa greenman ~

What is your PRIDE ALLY #STILLFIGHTING50 Cocktail?

Havana’s cocktail, AKA The Brunswick, is inspired by the events of January 4th, 1974, when 4 women were dragged out of a bar in Toronto and harassed, assaulted, and charged by police all for singing “I enjoy being a Dyke’. The Brunswick Four went on to play a major part in the movement towards gay liberation in Canada. 2 oz Bulleit Bourbon, 2 oz Peach Syrup Purée, .5 oz Lemon Juice, 1 drop Saline Solution, topped up with Postmark’s Gose.

Have you been to Pride? 

Hell yes.  

What is your favourite part of Pride? 

How the entire city gets involved. The whole place seems to come alive that weekend and I think Vancouver is a beautiful place to watch this happen.

Do you have a memorable Pride story/experience you can share?

It took me a long time to feel comfortable going to Pride. Growing up, I generally kept my sexuality out of my identity and it wasn't until my mid 20's that I realized how important it was for me to start getting involved with the community and events and Pride seemed like a great place to start.

I found myself down at one of the main stages after the pride parade where there was a drag queen show going on. She was belting "We Can't Stop" by Miley Cyrus and behind her two girls were flying a big rainbow flag and there was something about the moment that I suddenly was sobbing. I felt the most myself I'd maybe ever felt in my life. 

What would you say to someone who is unsure of how to be an ally to someone else?

This is definitely something I've always tried really hard to do. It's important to me to constantly have that conversation with individuals who aren't as aware, well versed, or comfortable with these issues. The thing is, kindness is the human condition and people at their core generally want to be that to one another. Sometimes it takes patience but I think trying to live by that rule is the best way to generate those conversations. 

🍑💦 aka  “ The Juicy Peach”,  @gringoyvr    @beingsoshoel   @mindthebarcanada

🍑💦 aka
The Juicy Peach”, @gringoyvr
@beingsoshoel @mindthebarcanada

Gringo Gastown is a 391sq/ft white trash taco shop situated in Blood Alley, Gastown dishing out cheap beer, good food, & great times!

It opened its doors 6 years ago on the philosophy that it doesn’t matter how much money you make, what you do for work, the colour of your skin, or who you love, if you’re good people you’re always welcome!


~ A short interview with Shoel davidson ~

What is your PRIDE ALLY #STILLFIGHTING50 Cocktail?

A Gringo spin on the classic Bellini cocktail… white trash style! After all there has to be a basic b*tch in every group & among our #StillFighting50 Pride Allies we proudly wear that crown!

We call it 🍑💦 AKA The Juicy Peach.

What does it mean to you to be part of the hospitality industry?

I take tremendous pride in being a part of the hospitality industry as I have always admired the incredible talent, determination, and dedication those within it have for both their craft & taking care of others. In the 20 years I have worked in this industry it has shaped me into the person I am today & given back so much in my life, from incredible friendships to those I consider family. The camaraderie that you find within the hospitality industry is truly special as it transcends well beyond any 4 walls you may be working in, to the bar down the street, or the one across the world.

As someone who was relentlessly bullied & picked on throughout most of my life as well as the target of anti-semitism I know what it’s like to feel like the outcast, a nobody, & invisible. The hospitality industry has given me the support of friends I always wanted growing up & the courage to speak up. Gringo was established on the fundamental belief of inclusiveness & Mind The Bar Foundation on unity so I couldn’t be more proud to be participating in this cause!

Can you tell me about a time in your life that you needed an ally and found one?

A few years ago my mental health spiralled downward, I knew I wasn’t okay & needed help. I reached out to my amazing business partner Christina Cottell & her support was part of the inspiration behind the Mind The Bar Foundation.

Shoel Davidson, Bartender / Owner

Mind The Bar Canada, providing resources for people in the hospitality industry who are dealing with thoughts of suicide, depression, anxiety, and workplace harassment.

When did you discover the power of your voice and/or your position in life?

The overwhelming support I received for speaking out about my ongoing battles with mental health to founding & establishing the Mind The Bar Foundation, which is an initiative focused on the well-being & betterment of the mental health for those working in the hospitality industry.

What would you say to someone who is unsure of how to be an ally to someone else?

Sometimes all someone really needs is for you to be there to listen to them. It might not feel like much to you. But to them, it might feel like everything.

The LGBQ&T, @comotaperia

Como Taperia, located at 201 E 7th Ave, is a lively, energetic Spanish tapas bar.

It's based off of tapas bars from Madrid and Barcelona and we work really hard to bring that energy to the city of Vancouver!

Como Taperia

~ A short interview with TJ Mcwilliam ~

What is your PRIDE ALLY #STILLFIGHTING50 Cocktail?

Como’s cocktail, AKA the LGBQ&T is a refreshing local take on a Gin and Tonic, featuring 1 oz Empress Gin, 0.5 oz Imperative Dry Vermouth, Tassoni Italian Tonic, and Dehydrated Fruits.

Why do you make cocktails?

I love the history of cocktails and bartending and just working to tweek or reinvent classics. I've never wanted to sit at a desk or behind a computer - so for me bartending gives me the opportunity to work with my hands in a fun and social environment. It's also really cool how diverse our industry is and how there are opportunities for everyone. 

Are there causes you wish you could be/had been more vocal surrounding, and why?

There are definitely instances in the past when I was younger and more timid where I wasn't able to speak up. I've had friends go through tough times and I thought I was supporting them by being there, but I never stepped up. I'm not a super loud or outspoken person, but now I have a confidence to speak up when I see things happening that I don't agree with, or stand with people who are being treated poorly. 

TJ McWilliam, Bar Manager

Tocador is located at 2610 Main St.

We are a fun, colourful and energetic Cuban restaurant and cocktail bar with Latin music (live music on Mondays).


~ A short interview with Guy Stowell ~

What is your PRIDE ALLY #STILLFIGHTING50 Cocktail?

We have gone for fun eccentric cocktail in the theme of pride! The cocktail features Coconut oil infused Rum, White vermouth, Rainbow ice, Lemon juice, Red currant syrup, House-made geranium perfume, a Mango butter straw, and will be served tall in a flamingo glass!

Why do you make cocktails?

I make cocktails so people can have fun drinking them - that's the whole point of going out to a bar or restaurant isn't it! If you can make a drink fun and taste amazing then that's the secret. When I look around Tocador and see people laughing while drinking our cocktails then I know we have done our job well!

What does it mean to you to be part of the hospitality industry?

It's being part of a creative community, I love being around passionate and creative people. This industry has always had some of the most interesting characters, never a dull day in this business.

Belgard Kitchen at The Settlement Building is one part of the brand collective located at 55 Dunlevy Ave.

The restaurant specializes in local ingredients and trendy culinary techniques, offering a variety of BC VQA wines on tap and sessionable beer by Postmark.

Belgard Kitchen

What is your PRIDE ALLY #STILLFIGHTING50 Cocktail?

We wanted to offer an specialty coffee for our menu, but wanted to keep it in line with what we were already doing as far as making a lot of our product from scratch. Drew came up with a recipe that not only was aligned with this but keeping it vegan was an added bonus!

Heavy Coconut Milk, Light Coconut Milk, Brown Sugar, Espresso, Jamesons, and Salt poured into your coffee!

Chef Drew Scott

A new 40 seat restaurant in Hastings-Sunrise, Dachi is a neighbourhood spot with a rotating menu featuring farm-fresh dishes, fun wines, funky ciders, tasty sake, craft beer, and cocktails too! Open Tuesday - Sunday until late.


~ A short interview with Miki Ellis ~

What is your PRIDE ALLY #STILLFIGHTING50 Cocktail?

Our cocktail is called Cosmic Love and it’s a twist on a Cosmopolitan that features Pink Peppercorn infused Temper Rum from Sons of Vancouver, Woods Amaro, House-made Lime Cordial, and Organic Cranberry juice.

What does it mean to you to be part of the hospitality industry?

As a new restaurant, we have felt such an outpouring of love and support from our friends in the industry, and the neighbourhood we are in. That sense of building something bigger than our little restaurant is exciting! Hastings-Sunrise is super diverse and the sense of community strong - we are so happy to be apart of it. We want to support the sweet things our neighbours are doing, and grow that feeling of warmth.

Have you been to Pride?

Yes! Pride is such a fun weekend of celebration and inclusivity! There is a so much joy in folks being celebrated for who they are. Also the Drag Queen outfits are always spectacular!

What would you say to someone who is unsure of how to be an ally to someone else?

It can be as simple as starting with listening. Making people feel heard and safe goes a long way.

Stephen Whiteside, Bartender /