Some answers to Frequent Questions

Can I do I Want It All for 3, or 5, or 6?
I Want It All is the whole menu split amongst 4 people.
However, for other party sizes we have a CHEFS MENU where the Chef customizes a family style experience for you, making sure that your table gets enough food, all for the same price ($58/guest).

Can we do Wine Pairings?
Yes. Always yes.

Is there parking nearby?
Yes. There is parking out front on the street and on the surrounding streets. $1/hour - paybyphone is recommended as sometimes the meters are jammed.

Do you have vegetarian items?
Yes we do! Every night Chef has an off-menu vegetarian entrée ready to be enjoyed. Furthermore, depending on the season, one or more of the appetizers can be modified to accommodate vegetarians (and vegans). Give us a call to hear more.

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?
Yes. Wherever possible, we work to modify dishes to suit your restrictions and allergies. On the menu we list the inclusion of Dairy, Gluten, and Nuts in dishes with a subtle D,G,N under the price. If your allergy is less mainstream, call us and we’ll work to take care of you.

Can I have a private table or private room/area?
Not really. It’s a 50 seat room without any nooks and definitely no crannies.

Can I request a specific table?
You definitely can, and we will try our best to accommodate based on the requirements of the evening. We will try hard, but we make no promises.  

What about a quiet table?
Not really. This room can get loud - especially when people are having fun! If you like it quiet, come for the first seating, or a weekday.

What do you do for birthdays?
We’ll put a candle in your dessert. We’ll even light it!
Bonus points if you can get the whole dining room to serenade/embarrass your guest!

Can I bring a cake?
Chef has delicious desserts available nightly.
However, if you would like to bring in a cake made by another Chef to be served here, there is a nominal plating fee.

Do you allow corkage?
YES! Please feel free to bring that special bottle you’ve been saving. We allow up to 3 bottles per table at a fee of $25.

Can I bring balloons and decorations?
No, sorry. The room relies on sight lines as the whole menu is on a chalkboard, and the tables need space for the feast you will be enjoying!

Can I book a table a few months from now?
To make the room easily available to all guests, we only take bookings one month in advance.

Do you do private parties?
Yes, we do private dinner parties up to 50 guests. We serve family-style. The deposit on the date is non-refundable. Email our info account to inquire about availability and pricing.

Can I make a reservation for me and 21 of my closet friends?
We typically cap reservations at 12. Occasionally we make exceptions, so give us a call with your request.

Do you have Gift Certificates?
Yes we do. You can buy a gift certificate over the phone between 3-5 and have it e-mailed to you, or come pick it up. Alternately if you’d like, you can do it by email - be sure to include all the relevant details and contact information (your name, your number, the amount, your credit card, the expiration date, the ccv).

How often do you change your menu?
Often! We follow our Farmer’s leads and change with the seasons – within a season you may see up to 18 completely different dishes. But not to worry, the first three items on the menu
(Veggies from the Garden, The Showstopper Salad, and Chicken of the Sea) are mainstays. Follow us on Instagram to see the latest dishes and for other updates. 

What kind of food do you serve?
We often get asked this question.

Our ingredients are locally sourced.
Chef Sean’s imagination fuels his creations.
His techniques and flavour combinations are drawn from his travels and experiences and mentors.

The Mackenzie Room celebrates the abundant Pacific Northwest with an evolving chalkboard menu.

But sometimes an example is the best answer… 

Chef Sean once came up with a new Tuna dish.

It was composed of: a Provencal-style French Tapenade, Kefir which has roots in Russia + Central Asia but is used by many cultures, Gypsy Peppers which were developed in Southern California but are a combination of a bell pepper and a sweet Italian rams horn pepper, and Tuna which is indigenous to the Ocean, and was prepared as you would if you caught it off the coast of Italy.

So, what type of food do we serve?
Pacific Northwest Ingredients inspired by The Whole World